Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction

Are you concerned about where our country is headed regarding debt, deficit, and government spending?


Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction is a not-for-profit organization established to draw attention to and give voice to citizens concerned about our country’s financial reality. America’s present course of spending, escalating deficits and overwhelming debt has us on a path to financial devastation. AFDDR is positioned to lead this conversation, set pace to a course correction and ensure the American Dream is alive for future generations.

To give voice to financial reality. The airways have been filled with concerns over the coronavirus, terrorism, a warming earth and more. Left out is simple math that points toward financial destruction. Our present course on spending, debt and deficits leads to this, jobs lost and grave injury to the American dream.

Our debt is a clear and present danger to our republic.


History says that debt and spending should matter because its pages show how consistently civilizations have extinguished themselves financially. There is no country in the history of man that has been able to outrun financial reality. It can certainly be done for a season, but over time math matters for the budgets of individuals, businesses, and even civilizations.


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Governor Mark Sanford Announces Formation of Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction

Governor Mark Sanford Announces Formation of Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction

Charleston, SC - Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford announces the formation of Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction, a non-partisan not-for-profit aimed at educating Americans on the dangers of our country’s financial path. “Our present financial course is unsustainable”…

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